Dean Word

The College Chidlh- Zagazig University and one of the colleges of pharmacy excellence at the local and regional level after gaining accreditation from the National Authority to ensure the quality of education and accreditation in addition to its teaching pharmacy program clinical as a distinct, making it a full partner in the system upgrade Health Care in order to achieve more effective national health service Egyptian .olal Maishdh world is now rapid development in the field of pharmacy education and multiple areas of development associated with the pharmaceutical industry and patient activities, makes it imperative for schools of pharmacy, including the College of Pharmacy at the University of Zagazig to keep pace with this rapid progress to meet the changing needs of the community, so has developed curricula and study plans and issued a new regulation applies from the academic year 2015/2016 and has sought to provide qualified scientific talent for teaching through an ambitious plan of the university and the state based on increasing the number of envoys and diversify the partnership knowledge sources with global scientific schools and various all of that will be a key factor to graduate Pharmacist competent is not limited role on the exchange and marketing of medication and work in pharmacies Associations and pharmaceutical companies, but goes beyond that to the application of pharmacy clinical in public hospitals and participate in therapeutic planning and work centers, pharmaceutical information and share research pharmaceutical and scientific consulting pharmacy workers medical field to get to the outstanding health service for the patient Egyptian achieve a higher goal, which maintain the health of future generations of Egyptians. . All this will be achieved by the will of God in more effort and hard work with encouragement for a better tomorrow for our children and for our beloved Egypt.