To make the college a research and an educational edifice that is regionally and globally accredited and has an active role in social participation


The purpose of the Faculty of Pharmacy, Zagazig University is to prepare and supply the local, regional and international community with a highly qualified pharmacists who are able to design and manufacture of the drug with high quality and doing the drug control to with the international standards, deal with it and ensure of its safe and effective delivery to those who need it and watch it clinically as well as doing the drug researches that serve the field of pharmaceutical sciences as well as they are able to compete and continue the ability of continuing pharmacist education to ensure presenting the best health and social service.


1.Supply community Besaadlh qualified specialized knowledge, skills and ethical values​​.

2. Adoption of academic standards achieved overall mission and vision.

3. Raise the efficiency of the educational process and the continuous updating of curricula and courses.

4. Develop ways of teaching and learning using self-evolving educational technologies.

5. Providing facilities for teaching and learning of the development of the work environment and the renovation and modernization of some of the important places and the provision of assistance to college teaching and learning.

6. Development of a field training program for students.

7. Appropriate support activities to configure personal outstanding student.

8. Support scientific research and to participate in research projects and the pharmaceutical sector.

9. Prepare and train faculty members to carry out their tasks of scientific and research.

10. Developing the capacity of the administrative system and the college staff.

11. Communicate with alumni and meet the needs of the beneficiaries of the service pharmacy.

12. Promote community participation and environmental awareness.

13. Support quality management system pharmacy education faculty.